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NAMEC Quarterly Update


Quarterly Update

December 13, 2017


Our Purpose:

•advancing the assistance of victims of child exploitation.

•articulating and advocating the needs and interests of the child victims before legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of local and state governments.

•cooperating on behalf of the professions and volunteer groups with persons and firms directly and through their associations in matters involving missing and exploited children.

•promulgating policies and conducting activities for the betterment of missing and exploited children.

The NAMEC Story

NAMEC officially became a California non-profit charity corporation, with both state and federal tax exemptions, in May of 2017. Since that time, we have been moving full steam ahead to build an administrative infrastructure to support our mission. It’s important to take a step back to understand how NAMEC came to be.

Two years ago in Oceanside,California, NAMEC President, Joseph Travers, formed Saved in America (SIA), a non-profit with ex-Navy SEALS, retired special operations agents and law officers as volunteers to track, and rescue at-risk runaways. As of NAMEC’s first Board meeting in August, 2017, SIA had recovered 43 girls from the hands of child sex traffickers. As of this writing, they have recovered 55 girls, thus adding to the importance of why NAMEC was started sooner, rather than later. You’ll understand more as you read on.

SIA’s 2nd rescue was a 15 year old from DelMar County, California. Two Seal teams followed her all over the country and she ended up in Jacksonville, Florida. The team was ready to get on the plane but needed people on the ground, in Florida, to gather intel in Florida. Joseph reached out to his friend, Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) President, Tim O’Rourke who lined up 4 FALI members to assist. The team rescued the girl and the bad guy went to jail. This is what first made him realize this could go National.

Fast forward to earlier this year when Joseph decided to document his journey with SIA in a book that would serve as a “how-to” manual of sorts, for other organizations wishing to conduct similar operations. He reached out to his friend Mark Gillespie, a well known Texas private investigator, and past president of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), to write the forward.

After reading what Mark wrote, Joseph picked up the phone to call him, and Mark was already on the line. They had called each other at the exact same time. Neither phone had rung. They both had the same idea of using the PI profession to take this national by enlisting the help of others. They compiled a list of PIs throughout the country who they knew would work to make this vision a reality. They also knew that NAMEC had to be more than just a vehicle for recovering victims. SIA may have been the inspiration for NAMEC, but it was meant to be one of many, many, partners in dealing with this horrendous epidemic.

Runaways and missing children, when found, are often left vulnerable to become prey again to sex predators. Without proper care, and post-rescue support, victims have little to build their lives off of. It’s easy to focus on the joy of rescuing someone, without realizing that the trauma doesn’t end when the trafficking does. The process of protecting victims extends to helping them after rescue, and making sure they aren’t re-victimized.

When recovered, the children have no place to go except government transitional housing, or probation camps, where gang members recruit. For those that can go home, their families may not be equipped to help with rehabilitation. There are thousands of social service agencies, and non-profits, throughout the country that are working to assist victims. NAMEC is working to be the bridge to incorporate these organizations into the process.

As of this writing, the NAMEC Board has met for their second Board meeting, this one was last week via Go To Meeting. An important thing we would like to relay to our Charter Members, and those considering becoming Charter Members and/or Sponsors, is that NAMEC has a dynamic Board of Directors of individuals from different backgrounds, and experiences. They have already come together as a team to take the concept of NAMEC and start molding it into a reality. As you read the Committee updates below, you will see how much work is getting done to build NAMEC’s infrastructure.

Joseph and Mark fully acknowledge that they may have put the cart before the horse when they created NAMEC. They could have spent the next few years building an infrastructure before going “public” with NAMEC. There are children all over the country who are victims of Child Sex Trafficking and living a nightmare many of us can’t even conceive of, especially those of us with children of their own. NAMEC is needed NOW! Your participation is needed NOW! All of us have something to contribute, and know others who can contribute as well.

Thank you for your support of NAMEC!

Education Committee & SRT Committee

Saved in America (SIA), the inspiration for NAMEC, has a track record of 55 recoveries and counting. They have an infrastructure that is the model for other such organizations to follow. One of the most important things is that all SIA volunteers are vetted, licensed and insured, on their own accord. The NAMEC Board from the get go, agreed that anyone who would like to recover victims, on behalf of NAMEC, would have to have these types of qualifications. Not just anyone would be able to join the Special Recovery Team (SRT).

The Education and SRT Committees have come up with the following criteria:

The NAMEC Special Response Team – SRT – will be the NAMEC members across the country who will be called upon on behalf of approved rescue organizations, like SIA, to voluntarily assist in child recoveries. The qualifications are:

  1. Obtain and maintain the designation Certified Missing & Exploited Child Investigator (CMECI)
  2. Maintain and produce a current liability insurance policy unless currently employed as a peace officer.

To qualify to become a CMECI one must;

  1. Be a licensed private investigator, or currently employed, or retired, as a peace officer in the US or military police or military special forces.
  2. Be a member in good standing with NAMEC
  3. Successfully pass the CMECI exam
  4. No felony convictions

The administrative fee for yearly renewal of the designation CMECI will be $25.00. CMECIs will also have to complete 3 hours of CEUs’s (Continuing Education Units) involving training consisting of Child Sex Trafficking. The publication of an article or book involving Child Sex Trafficking or attendance at the NAMEC conference can substitute for the CEU requirement. A CMECI yearly certificate will be mailed to all successful candidates.

The CMECI exam will be available online very soon at the NAMEC website
HelpRescueChildren.org. The study materials will be in the book, “Investigation of Missing & Exploited Children: The Gateway to Child Sex Trafficking.” If you joined NAMEC as a Charter Member at the FALI Conference, you received a copy of the book. If not, then you can click
HERE to start reading and studying. The administrative fee for taking the exam will be $35.00. (If one fails the exam a retake fee will also be $35.00).

We will notify everyone when the exam is up and running. In the meantime, if you are interested in getting on the list for notification, please click
HERE to send an email. Please use subject: CMECI EXAM.

Have you joined?

The NAMEC “members only” listserv group is now up and running. The purpose is to share information and resources. Invitations have been sent to all members but not all have joined yet. Please send an email to
amy.orourke@helprescuechildren.com if you have not yet joined.

Legislative Committee

One of NAMEC’s primary missions is to work with other organizations at the State, and National level, to pass Legislation that will work to eradicate sex trafficking. We will be calling on members to contact elected officials regarding various issues. As a national organization, we will also ask that members notify us of legislation in their states that we should monitor.

National Effort to Combat Sex Trafficking Online

Sex trafficking is exploding online, finding haven in online classifieds that provide a platform to facilitate sex trafficking. Despite
knowingly facilitating this crime
these websites are permitted to hide behind an outdated and misinterpreted provision of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). Section 230 of the CDA was never intended to protect entities that facilitate sex trafficking and yet, courts have repeatedly interpreted Section 230 as providing blanket immunity for online entities, including online entities that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking.

There are many organizations across the country that are very active in lobbying for, and against, legislation related to Human Sex Trafficking. Shared Hope is one of these organizations that has very comprehensive tools, something NAMEC plans for the future.

Please take a few moments to click
HERE where you will find all the resources you need to contact your legislators, even sample letters that you can copy and paste into an email. It’s important that Congress here directly from their constituents. Shared Hope has provided all the information you will need. A few minutes of your time can do so much to give us yet another tool to stop trafficking.

Florida Legislation

With the help of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) we have been able to identify various bills that have been introduced by Florida legislators for the 2018 Session which begins on January 9th. Each has a companion in the other chamber. Click each of the bill numbers below to access details. All members, but Florida members in particular, are encouraged to contact their representatives about these bills.

(2018) OGSR/Criminal History Records/Department of Law Enforcement

General bill from Criminal Justice Committee

(2018) Human Trafficking Education in Schools

Senator Steube

(2018) Victims of Human Trafficking

Representative Spano

HB169 (2018)Trust Funds/Creation/Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking and Prevention/FDLE

Representative Spano

Join Us for the First Annual NAMEC “Hit the Hill,” March 19-21, 2018

The next NAMEC Board meeting will be in Arlington, VA, as part of NCISS’ annual “Hit the Hill,” and Conference. NAMEC will also “Hit the Hill” on behalf of our issues. The schedule is as follows:
  • Monday, March 19th – Arrive (participate in some NCISS events)
  • Tuesday, March 20th – Hit the Hill with NCISS
  • Wednesday, March 21st – Morning Board Meeting. Depart that afternoon if you choose.

We encourage those who would like to sign up for the full NCISS Conference, and still participate in the NAMEC portion. Click
HERE for details about signing up through NCISS. Some members will be staying at the Residence Inn Marriott for the NCISS rate of $199 + tax. Others will be staying at the nearby Americana, for $147.23 (includes tax). Shuttle service will be offered between the two hotels. To get this rate at the Americana you would need to book your room by December 31, 2017. In the event you do not participate in the NCISS event, most meals would be on your own. We are trying to get some kind of package for the HTH day and will keep everyone posted.

Conference Committee

The first annual NAMEC Conference will be in Tampa, Florida, on May 2, 2018, the day before FALI’s annual Conference. Details are still being finalized but, here is the basic information you need to know:

NAMEC Board Meeting and 1st Annual Conference

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore

2225 N. Lois Avenue

Tampa, FL 33607

Conference Cost: $99.00

1:00PM – 5:00PM

Four Sessions – 50 minutes each

(Topics and Speakers being finalized)

“Street Gangs – From Drug Trafficking to Child Trafficking”

“Task Force Cooperation & Coordination in the fight against Child Sex Trafficking”

“Investigation of Missing & Exploited Children- The Gateway to Child Sex Trafficking”

“NAMEC – A Collective Effort in the Fight against Child Sex Slavery”

5:15PM – 7:30PM

Awards Dinner with key note speaker

Membership Committee
Thank you to everyone who has put their faith in our mission and joined NAMEC as a Charter Member. Your support is what has helped jump start our fundraising. As such, the Membership Committee has decided to extend the Charter Membership program through March 31, 2018.

All Charter Members will be presented with a beautiful Charter Member certificate at the Conference in May. The support of our Charter Members is much needed, and greatly appreciated. After the first year, all Active and Associate renewals will be for $75.

If you have not yet joined NAMEC, joining is easy. You can do it through our website at:
http://helprescuechildren.org, or by completing the application which can be found by clicking
HERE and emailing it to
amy.orourke@helprescuechildren.com You can also request an invoice through PayPal. If you prefer the old fashioned way, please mail the application, and payment, to the address at the bottom of this newsletter.

Please consider a tax deductible, end of year donation to our “Jumpstart Fundraiser.” Anything you can contribute will greatly help the cause. Click the logo to the left.
NAMEC Board of Directors

President: Joseph Travers

Chairman of the Board/

V.P. Private Investigations: Mark Gillespie

Secretary/Treasurer: Kelly Riddle

V.P. Public Investigations: Vic Bazan

V.P. Rehabilitation: Leah Watson

V.P. Policy: Brooke Mosteller

V.P Special Operations: Greg Wark

Northeast Regional Director: Terry Myer

Northwest Regional Director: Richard “Rick” Root

Southeast Regional Director: Tim O’Rourke

Southwest Regional Director: Michael Julian

Directors at Large: Jim Casteel
and Joshua Travers

Executive Director: Amy O’Rourke

Thank you again for your support, and interest in NAMEC. Whatever you celebrate during this festive season, we wish you joy, peace, and all the best in the year ahead.

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