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 Kiley Culpepper
Kiley CulpepperVP of Rehabilitation
Kiley Culpepper was born and raised in San Diego, California. She currently resides there with her husband of 21 years, Ron, and their 10 year-old son, Boedy. One of Kiley’s many passions is rescuing pit bulls. She has proudly adopted four of her own, as well as helped to place many others. Presently, Theo who is 3 (and completely deaf) is running the show at the Culpepper’s, along with an older, yet wiser, Miss Maddie who is 15.
Kiley graduated from high school in Lakeside, Ca. One week later she was hired in the Department of Defense arena. She started as a receptionist and earnestly worked her way up the corporate ladder. By her late 20s she was running the Contracts Department for a successful DOD Contractor. During her productive 26 years in the DOD world, she received a certification for Introduction to Federal Acquisition Process from San Diego State University, and she obtained a Masters Certificate for Government Contracting from George Washington University, Extension Program.
Kiley has held an active Secret Clearance for 26 years.
Kiley is currently the Director of Rehabilitation/Reserves/Training/NCIC for Saved In America. It is here where she obtained her Private Investigator license. The desire to help children has always been a core value, so the moment the opportunity was presented, she didn’t hesitate to partner with the organization and their mission. She believes she will be an asset and a good fit since her values are commensurate. She is principled and places a high value on integrity, kindness, and honesty. She is a defender of the defenseless, the innocent, and the victimized. To this end, she will do what it takes to make a difference in the world.
Though she is extremely passionate about these things, she’s also able to find the humor in life, and in most situations. Most days you will find her laughing, smiling, enjoying her life to the fullest, and fiercely loving her family. Her hobbies and interests include: Playing with her dogs, cooking and baking, Pilates, watching her husband and son throw the ball around, spending entirely too much time uprighting inverted pill bugs, and basically saving everything on the planet–including spiders, which are not her favorite, but are nevertheless carefully relocated to the safety of the backyard.