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NAMEC CHARTER MEMBERSHIP – an important first step in fundraising.
NAMEC was incorporated in May, 2017. Until May 31, 2018 Active, and Associate members are being signed up as “Charter Members,” for the cost of $150. As we undertake securing sponsorships, and other means of raising funds, the Charter Memberships are vital to serve as seed money for our initial efforts. All Charter Members will receive a beautiful Charter Member certificate, and special recognition on the NAMEC website and forthcoming communications. The support of our Charter Members is greatly appreciated. After the first year, all Active and Associate renewals will be for $75.

Membership Type Price Requirements
Charter Active (voting) $150 per year employed or a volunteer in the field of missing and exploited children
Charter Associate (non-voting) $150 per year any person other than an Active or Student member
Student (non-voting) $25 per year any student in an accredited or recognized college or university or vocational or trade school
Service and Industry (non-voting) $125 per year any company or service or industry interested in assisting children that are missing and/or exploited

Membership Application