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Legislative Committee

One of NAMEC’s primary missions is to work with other organizations at the State, and National level, to pass Legislation that will work to eradicate sex trafficking. We will be calling on members to contact elected officials regarding various issues. As a national organization, we will also ask that members notify us of legislation in their states that we should monitor.

National Effort to Combat Sex Trafficking Online

Sex trafficking is exploding online, finding haven in online classifieds that provide a platform to facilitate sex trafficking. Despite knowingly facilitating this crime these websites are permitted to hide behind an outdated and misinterpreted provision of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). Section 230 of the CDA was never intended to protect entities that facilitate sex trafficking and yet, courts have repeatedly interpreted Section 230 as providing blanket immunity for online entities, including online entities that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking.

There are many organizations across the country that are very active in lobbying for, and against, legislation related to Human Sex Trafficking. Shared Hope is one of these organizations that has very comprehensive tools, something NAMEC plans for the future.

Please take a few moments to click HERE where you will find all the resources you need to contact your legislators, even sample letters that you can copy and paste into an email. It’s important that Congress here directly from their constituents. Shared Hope has provided all the information you will need. A few minutes of your time can do so much to give us yet another tool to stop trafficking.

Florida Legislation

With the help of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) we have been able to identify various bills that have been introduced by Florida legislators for the 2018 Session which begins on January 9th. Each has a companion in the other chamber. Click each of the bill numbers below to access details. All members, but Florida members in particular, are encouraged to contact their representatives about these bills.

SB7000 (2018) OGSR/Criminal History Records/Department of Law Enforcement
General bill from Criminal Justice Committee

SB96 (2018) Human Trafficking Education in Schools
Senator Steube

HB167 (2018) Victims of Human Trafficking

Representative Spano

HB169 (2018)Trust Funds/Creation/Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking and Prevention/FDLE 
Representative Spano

Join Us for the First Annual NAMEC “Hit the Hill,” March 19-21, 2018

The next NAMEC Board meeting will be in Arlington, VA, as part of NCISS’ annual “Hit the Hill,” and Conference. NAMEC will also “Hit the Hill” on behalf of our issues. The schedule is as follows:
  • Monday, March 19th – Arrive (participate in some NCISS events)
  • Tuesday, March 20th – Hit the Hill with NCISS
  • Wednesday, March 21st – Morning Board Meeting. Depart that afternoon if you choose.

We encourage those who would like to sign up for the full NCISS Conference, and still participate in the NAMEC portion. Click HERE for details about signing up through NCISS. Some members will be staying at the Residence Inn Marriott for the NCISS rate of $199 + tax. Others will be staying at the nearby Americana, for $147.23 (includes tax). Shuttle service will be offered between the two hotels. To get this rate at the Americana you would need to book your room by December 31, 2017. In the event you do not participate in the NCISS event, most meals would be on your own. We are trying to get some kind of package for the HTH day and will keep everyone posted.